Shimizu headquarters

I’ve been walking quite a bit through town today. A fairly nondescript skyscraper / office building caught my eye, mainly because there was a delegation of suit-wearing business folk outside looking at the building inquisitively. A quick search and I found out it’s the brand-new Shimizu headquarters. Apparently the most eco-friendly office building in the world.

Shimizu is a big architecture / engineering firm that has come up with mind-boggling projects such as the Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid. Their Kyobashi building is perhaps less pompous, but has other selling points. In an age of energy conservation (especially following last year’s tsunami and related nuclear catastrophe), the company thinks that its own headquarter can be somewhat of a showcase project, demonstrating the scope for energy savings in modern construction. (Mind you, this article’s comments suggest that there could be a lot of PR involved in this as well!)



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  1. I am mesmerized by their “Pyramid City in the Air” project and was curious if they are related to Shimizu S-Pulse, the J-League team of which I own a jersey, my favourite of my collection. They are not…

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