Hotels that stay

I am not sure how many hotels I have stayed at in my life, My memory can take me back to most of them if I try hard, and they include backpacker lodges from a trip in Southeast Asia more than 20 years ago, run-down joints in all Central Asian countries, faceless motels in the US (and now Australia and New Zealand), and posh business establishments when traveling on work to many different countries — the list is long and varied.

However, few of these places have left a lasting impression, and I wouldn’t be able to conjure up specific reasons to visit them again today. While there was serendipity involved in choosing many of them (especially in the pre-internet booking and review-obsession days), there was not to be a shared history between the hotel and my life, or that of my family.

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New Zealand

Resurrecting this blog’s travelogue function, herewith some photos of our first trip from Australia, to New Zealand’s North Island. We initially wanted to hire a campervan but eventually decided against it. Instead we went around by rental car and packed the days with highlights for the little one.

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January update

This blog has been silent for over a month (for a variety of very good reasons), and before substantial posting resumes very shortly, herewith just a few notes for my records.

Shinjuku 24 December 2017

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Flights back to Europe from Japan are hellishly expensive in the summer. This year, we found a good deal from Singapore to London, and back to Tokyo (via Qatar, as written about here). A great opportunity to get to know the Southeast Asian entrepot for a few days.

Singapore National Museum 

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A very brief stopover, owing to the flight routing but also a long-held dream, was Qatar. Here, we stayed overnight, and had the chance to visit the marvelous Museum of Islamic Art and reflect a little on this part of the world, at this very point in time.

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Hong Kong

We spent some days in Hong Kong recently. The city is certainly as photogenic as one would expect. Below some impressions taken with my phone camera.hongkong11

A panorama shot from Star Ferry Pier, with People’s Liberation Army Building in centre-right

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Arakawa-ku trip

We took the Toden Arakawa line this weekend. It is Tokyo’s last remaining tram car service, connecting Waseda with Minowabashi in Arakawa-ku. A few pictures after the jump.


Getting on the tram at Waseda

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I had the chance to visit Penang for the first time last week. What a fantastic city. I rode the bike a lot and probably had my best Chinese meal ever. I definitely want to come back for more.


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