Another Yangon review

A great review of our Yangon Architectural Guide has been published on Tea Circle Oxford, a forum for new perspectives on Myanmar. It was written by Dr. Reshmi Banerjee, a political scientist currently visiting Oxford University.


The final paragraph, just like the rest of the piece, is very generous:

The book is refreshingly different – in its presentation of history, architecture, photography and current challenges. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is difficult to categorize it as any particular genre. It is poetic and lyrical, as well as gripping. It gives us an idea about the endless creative ways in which one can present a city and opens our hearts and minds into appreciating the latent stories embedded in colossal structures. The book inspires us in not only getting to know our cultural heritage but also involving ourselves in rejuvenating the same with sensibility and sensitivity.

 Go read the whole piece!


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