May update

In lieu of a proper post in May and in order to preserve some memories from this time of the year, herewith some photos taken over the past couple of weeks.


Taipei April 2016

We went to Taipei where I attended a great conference on urban heritage. Besides presenting two paper ideas (so far none of which has progressed further than the idea stage…) we did a lot of sightseeing and food tasting.


Apart from a boozy trip to a jazz bar a few years ago, we had never really explored Yokohama. This Golden Week’s Thursday we set out for a day trip. We found the ramen museum crazy busy that day, but what a great re-enactment of postwar Showa-era Japan! The emigration museum and a quick stopover in Chinatown rounded off the day. Definitely worth returning.


We went camping for a night in Hinohara, still nominally part of Tokyo but totally rural in setting already. How great to leave the city so quickly and see monkeys dangle in the trees on the opposite river bank.


Most of my days involve this, a walk from Shinanomachi station to my university. It takes me through this park, which I have grown fond of over the seasons. Above a shot during a particularly gloomy day. And yet this stretch is always uplifting regardless of the weather.


When on my way to my supervisor, I take the lift up to the tenth floor of my university and get a nice view of Roppongi, replete with a glimpse of our past stomping grounds.

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