Torre Dorrego

Inaugurated in 1971, Torre Dorrego is a Brutalist residential building. It towers above Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighbourhood. Its unique shape gives it a certain lightness. The many antennas on the roof emphasise its vertical shape.


In the late sixties, a local cooperative called for designs for a residential project mainly intended for members of the armed forces. The architects Caffarini, Joselevich and Ricur won the contest in 1968. They were given just 900 days to finish the ambitious structure, at the time the most voluminous building in Argentina.


The tower has 30 floors and reaches 102 meters into the sky. The convex/concave form ensures sunlight in all 240 flats. The elevators, stairways and service shafts are at the concave side of the building.¬†As it was built by a cooperative, there are just four flat layouts (albeit all featuring staff quarters…), each with two or more bedrooms and study.


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